The very best of our stock graphics is represented in the image galleries below. In addition, we design and print a variety of other items, such as chairbacks, files, documents and menus. So, if you don’t see it on this site, give us a call. Our digital file collection is vast, so chances are excellent we will be able to help you.

It’s always best to call ahead and check availability of stock items, as our supply can fluctuate daily. All of our stock layouts can be easily modified to suit your specific needs. If you need finished packaging, such as a jar of food or a soda can, let us know. We’ll shop the product and outfit it with one of our labels. If you need us to eat or drink the contents first, we’ll be happy to oblige, as well.

The catalog is a work in progress. Please bear with us as we continue to upload images to our site.

HPR Is Open!

We are thrilled to announce HPR is now back up and running. Our modified hours are 8AM-5PM, until further notice.

The health and safety of our employees, clients, visitors, and their friends and families, remains of the utmost importance. To that end, HPR has instituted the following Covid-19 policies:

• COVID-19 signage stating safety requirements and expectations is posted at all entrances and throughout the prop house.
• All persons entering the building are required to wear a face-covering. It must cover the nose and mouth for the duration of the visit. If you do not have a mask, they are available at the entrance.
• All persons will be asked and expected to practice social distancing.
• Hand sanitizer dispensers are mounted throughout the prop house.
• Frequently touched surfaces will be disinfected two times per day. These include light switches, doorknobs, handles, faucets, countertops, telephones, handrails, etc.

• All Team Members will undergo a safety screening each morning, including having their temperature taken. Team Members showing fever, any other symptoms of illness, or reporting exposure to someone with COVID-19, will be sent home immediately.
• We have redesigned our Team Member workstations and installed extensive plexi screening to minimize possible germ travel and accommodate appropriate social distancing.
• If you have any questions, ask the established Safety Team Supervisor for the building.

• You will be asked to wash your hands, as well as liberally apply hand sanitizer from a hand sanitizing station, upon entering the building.
• All deckers will be sanitized in the presence of the customer before use.
• Although the most recent CDC guidelines indicate a surface transfer of the COVID-19 virus is unlikely, we will mist-sanitize any props that would not be damaged by the process, before packing, at no cost. We will be using a low-toxicity EPA-approved disinfecting agent.

We look forward to working with all of you again!